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These are Free Programs and Utilities:

The following programs are DonationWare. The creators ask for a small donation to help them offset the costs associated with creating and providing the software. Feel free to download and use, but please if you find them useful make a contribution to their creator:

TerraLogic Texture Maker

More Information

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The programs listed below are inexpensive and very useful for their specific purpose. Feel free to download or visit the sites associated with the products.

Links Manager (Free Trial)

More Information

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Anfy Fonts

More Information

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Anfy Java

More Information

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Anfy Java 3D

More Information

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Smart Script

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Riada Software

More Information

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TrayHQ -(Download) This is a neat little utility that sits in your system tray. I find it extremely useful when viewing email. You simply click on automatic capture then highlight and copy anything that you want to surf thru later or whatever. Click on the icon to bring it up again then use. It also contains a handy little address book with clickable URL's and email addresses, a calendar, notepad, timer and calculator. Best of all it is totally free. Back

Clip Clear - (Download) Everytime you copy and paste or cut and paste, you are loading up your clip board and taking up valuable resources on your computer. This handy little program sits it your system tray. One left click of your mouse clears your clip board completely and a right click lets you view the contents before clearing. Handy. Back

Huey (Download) is an HTML colour generator for Windows webmasters. It allows you to convert RGB colour schemes to #000000 format hex numbers, ideal for pasting into your web pages. It also allows you to convert hex back to RGB, useful for creating Photoshop images based around existing web sites.

Its trump card is the ability to pick colours from any other Windows application without messing about with numbers. Just drag and click to get any colour from anything on your screen!

Features overview:

  • Convert from RGB to HTML hex and vice versa

  • Enter RGB or Hex values, or use the Windows colour picker
  • Full HTML <BODY> tag generation
  • Automatic code insertion - update your existing web documents
  • Drag pipette allows you to select colours from other applications
  • Right-click menu support for all Microsoft FrontPage colours
  • Select foreground, background and link colours
  • Save and recall colour schemes in a snap - no external files
  • Intelligent cut and paste (Back) (345K)

HTML Color -(Download) HTMLcolor is an advanced HTML-colorpicker: Configure your own colors (RGB input) and paste the results (HTMLcode) in your web document. Previews foreground, background and links-colors. Option to load image files. HTMLcolor even creates web-pages for you.

If you have the ability to write HTML code,I feel that the choice between HTML Color and Huey are a matter of personal preference. Why not download both and check them out for yourself. (Back) (151K)

Buttonz & Tilez - (Download) Not enough good can be said about this software. It is so easy to use and the ability to create unique buttons and tiles for your web site is endless.

The creators would appreciate a donation. However, If you can't afford a donation, there is an image in the install directory that you can install on their site and give them a link. That's not much to ask for such a great little program. (Back) (2.8MB)

HTML Buddy - (Download) This is a great Free HTML editor. HTML Buddy is a HTML editor for those who are used to writing HTML documents with the notepad or a similar program. It has no fancy WYSIWYG features, but is basically a simple text editor without filesize limitation, and many special features for the web author like:

  • Project management for the fast opening of documents that belong to one project.

  • Color Picker that returns RGB Hex values of both web-friendly and custom colors...
  • Several Wizards that can speed up your HTML coding.
  • An image viewer that inserts proper HTML Code for images.
  • Toolbars for inserting nearly all Tags, including Cascading Style Sheet support.
  • And a lot more.

System Requirements:

  • HTML Buddy should run on about every Windows 95 PC - however, I recommend you should meet the following requirements: Pentium 90 processor, 16 or mor MB of RAM, 800*600 or better screen resolution...(Back) (897K)

Links Manager - Being called "one of the greatest webmaster resources ever built," LinksManager makes it easy to manage reciprocal links, increase website traffic, and build link popularity for your own website.  Webmasters who are link swapping know of the power and value of link exchanges.  LinksManager makes the link swap process fast and easy. Try it FREE This is not a links farm - NO spam - NO Free for All Links Pages.

HTML Constellation - (Download) 1.3 released January 12th 1999 this version will charm you by its simplicity and its fabulous graphic interface.This is a great web page creation tool that reduces a lot of the chances to have syntax errors in your html codes. It is a nice professionnal editor that will be useful for advanced and beginners. All I can say is WOW and it's FREE.


  • Possibility to work with multiple files at the same time.

  • Creation dialogs to help you build: Tables, Frames, Forms, BODY, Horizontal rules, Meta-tags etc.
  • Easy and fast insertion of most of the html tags and special characters
  • Predefined JAVA applets(20)
  • Javascripts (40)
  • Stand alone ftp client free
  • A powerfull internal navigator (you need to have IE 3.02+)
  • 10 html pages models
  • A very powerfull and fast editor.
  • Automatic indent, Instant tags coloring, multiple level undo and redo, etc. (Back) (2.58MB)

Site-Aid - Totally Free HTML Editor - If you are just learning HTML, this is a great little editor. This site was created with the use of Site-Aid. They have an on-line tutorial to help you along the way. When you open the program you will see that there are two tabs available at the same time. Simply click back and forth to see how well you are doing with the HTML code. It is like an internal browser that is soooo.. convenient.

"HTML Essentials - An HTML Reference & Training Manual" Information can be obtained at their site. You will find all the references available to you on download of this editor. If you are just learning HTML, or would like some help increasing your overall knowledge of HTML,they have provided a great package. It is a good reference for the experienced HTML author as well as an excellent tool for the beginner. (Back) Note: I wrote Site-Aid that I had used their editor in the creation of this site, and they listed me in their users page. You would be surprised how many visitors I have received from this link.

HiJack This - Running silently in the background, Browser Hijack Blaster only springs into action when an attempt is made. It watches and protects the following items:

IE Homepage, IE Default Page, IE Search Page, BHOs

Whenver one of the above items is changed, or a BHO is added, you are immediately provided with information on the item, along with the option to keep the change, or revert to your previous settings.

Browser Hijack Blaster also can detect changes between the times it is run. If a spyware application tries to install its BHO at boot-up, and change settings at boot-up, before Browser Hijack Blaster is activated, you will be notified and (like the situation above) given the option to keep the change or to revert to your previous settings.

Browser Hijack Blaster also has a database of values common to spyware programs. If, for example, your homepage is changed to (a known hijacker) you will not only be notified, but a special notice will be displayed that you probably have on your system (and that you should run an anti-spyware program such as Ad-Aware or Spybot S & D). (Download Now) (Back to top)

Ad-Aware - Ad-aware Standard Edition is THE award winning, free*, multicomponent detection and removal utility that has consistently lead the industry in safety, user satisfaction, support and reliability. Go to Site

Good Keywords - If you are a web developer, you should know how your customers and website visitors use the search engines. For example, if you are a graphic designer it will be very useful to know what searches your potential target audience is doing. This will allow you to find the best combination of keywords for your website.

Fortunately some search engines like Overture, Lycos, Direct Hit, etc provide web-based utilities that give us clues about the popular searches being made. Good Keywords is a simple program that enhances some of these utilities.

TelSrv - (Download) TelSrv is a superior Telnet server. It provides the user with the ability to remotely administer his machine over any TCP/IP connection. In version 1.0, the user has the options to reboot, shutdown, and have full access to the command prompt (DOS prompt) of the host machine. Basically, anything you can do from the DOS prompt on a computer, you can now do over the internet with TelSrv. (1.4MB) (Back) ($19.95 purchase price for registering removes annoying pop up, otherwise completely functional.)

Terra Logic Texture Maker - This is a great piece of software that allows you to make all sorts of textures. Once your texture is created it can be viewed as a plane, a globe or tiled and saved when you are 100% happy with the results.

This program will create any type of texture that you could possibly imagine. Use it to create backgrounds and special effects. This is donation-ware. Tobias Reichert states that if you are unable to make a donation to at least visit some of his sponsors and view their pages. He will also make other programs available to those who choose to make a donation to him in order to keep up his marvelous work. (This Program has a 5 star rating with ZDNet) (Back)

Anfy Products - All Anfy Products fully function when downloaded (Registering removes the Anfy Credits). If you ever wanted to add rippling water to a graphic, create a windows like menu or ?

Anfy Java Applets will do all the work for you. 35 Applets including banners, image manipulation and navigational menu's, which require regcodes for registration.

Anfy 3D 1.2 is incredible. I Can't say enough about this Software. Download Now and see for yourself. The SKY is the limit. Anfy 3d 1.2 is 4.5 mb this time, but it's AWESOME!

Anfy Fonts - You won't find anything like these anywhere else.

The Reasons to Register Anfy Products:

1) All the "link" options enabled when applets are online.

2) No pop-up credits window when applets are clicked online.

3) Free customer support via e-mail.

4) Free updates when new versions of Anfy Java are out.

Smart Script - (Download) For a mere $5 registration fee you can have this great little scripter. These scripts will not slow down the loading of your page and will give you the same results as some pretty long winded Java Applets. This is a must have. (Back) (2MB) Download it first then return to their home page and register.

ValidCheck - ValidCheck offers you the ability to accept checks on-line. It is safe and secure for your customers and gives you yet one more way to accept payment on-line. There are some individuals that do not have or prefer not to use a credit card to make purchases. When this is the case, you may very well be losing money and future customers, which means more money. The cost to initialize the program is $30 and thereafter only 99 cents per check. There are NO monthly fees, so you will only receive charges when someone actually writes you a check.

This is the easiest to configure and the easiest to use program that I have seen on the Internet. You owe it to yourself to check this out. (Back)

Riada Software - If you don't know JAVA and have a site where this type of application would serve you well, Riada has the answer. They have several applications from which to choose for between $6 and $18/US. You just tell the software what you want and it writes the scripts for you. Nothing could be easier. (Back)

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