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All of the Tools listed below are ones that I use
and highly recommend

buttonJob - Creating E-Book Covers:

Tool: e-book cover generator

Click Here to Learn more - The cost of having a professional ebook cover can be very expensive. This little program does a professional job for you in minutes. It's a proven fact that the right cover can create a higher number of sales for books, ebooks and software. This tool makes it all.

ButtonJob - Getting Pop-Ups to work as intended

Tool: Pop-up Generator

Description: Pop-ups can be annoying to say the least, but if done properly can be a great advantage for your website and a boon to your sales. This great product creates the necessary code to make your pop-ups work as intended. They can be designed to pop up when someone first enters your site, leaves your site, or when clicking on a link or button. It also generates a code to allow the viewer to close the pop-up and can be set to only pop up once for each customer, making it less intrusive than most. Order from this site for only $29.95 (Sold elsewhere for $34.95 and up).

Order Pop-Up Generator


ButtonJob - Getting Websites to Link to You!!


Description: It's not often that a new piece of software gets my attention the way this one has. ARELIS is new but bound to create quite a stir. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can obtain a list of sites that you can preview in their built in browser, choose the ones that you would like to have link to you and have a link page built with their information on it. Then use preformatted letters or choose one of your own and send a personal email saying that you have already included them on your links page and would like them consider linking back. In this new Internet age, your traffic is in direct relation to the number of sites linking to you. This software makes generating those links a snap. Download it and give it a try.


ButtonJob - Creating Newsletters (ezines)

Tool: Mailloop

Description: This software can automate everything....

*Newsletter Server
*Webform Processing
*Bulk Emailer
*Automatic Scheduler
*Act Like A Mail Server
*Full Email Database Merging
*Flame/Bomb Filter.

Click Here to find out more


ButtonJob - Creating E-Books

Tool: E-Book Pro

Description: Package your text, HTML, Flash, audio/video etc. into "secure" eBook software that not only protects, but also collects contact information you can use to market your products or service too! We believe this to be the best e-book creation software on the market today.



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