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    Corey and I are thrilled with the design of our website! You took a scary proposition, walked us through each step of the design process, and created a professional e-commerce site for our pet behavior business. In addition to your design expertise, we most appreciated all of your marketing advice and all the extra work you put into helping us design our ebooks, order pages and shopping cart. I don't think anyone works as hard to help their clients succeed as much as you do, Pat!The Internet changes constantly,and its very reassuring to have someone simplify the process of doing business on the Web. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for helping us design a website that "speaks success".

    Phyllis Cohen

    Website of the Week
    Website of the Week - ORLANDO, Fla. -- Planet Realtor®, the comprehensive real estate Web site that Florida Realtors® use to help buyers and sellers with all of their real estate needs, has selected Toppino Real Estate and Development of Key West, Fl as the web site of the week. www.toppinorealestate.com The site was conceived and directed by Toppino Real Estate Agent Bob Howe in association with web designer Pat Dollar at www.sitemaven-design.com. Howe said, Pat Dollar is “simply the best at listening to your ideas and then creating a great product, when we started on the project back in May visitors were staying at the site :12 seconds with Pat’s help we have steadily improved that to almost 5-minutes per visit!” ‘ We also moved our hosting to keywest.com and that has certainly helped,’ added Howe.


    This is a nicely done site with easy navigation and a concise selection of categories that direct users to information about renting, buying or selling real estate in Key West and the Florida Keys. By keeping the design simple, information loads quickly and easily.


    Thank you so much Pat for all your help and patience. It was great luck on our part to have found you from the many many website designers out there. You have done a remarkable job with our site!  Your continued effort, guidance and patience with us is so greatly appreciated. You are A+++ in our opinion and we will gladly recommend  "Sitemaven-Design" to anyone who requires your services. Thank you! "


    Printo Publishing

    Never An Outbreak



    WOW! Dang the site is growing SO fast! And it looks SOOO good! I guess pictures are pictures, but they look SOOO much better on my site than the vendor's site! Somthing you do to them! When I look at the candle page where there are 12-15 candles or so...it looks SO crisp and SO clear! Also, it looks like everything is also programed into the cart already! You are full of ideas and talent! Its so awesome that you have been able to share it with others everyday through your business! Your clients are the real beneficiary's though of these talents though!

    I am very happy with all of the hard work you have done Pat, and I dont know what I would be doing without you, because I want a site that will work for me and I have for so long, and you are helping me get there with complete satisfaction! I love everything that you have done, and are continuing to do! It should be said that I am SO much MORE appreciative of the work you have done for me than I can say in these emails, and obviously what your compensation can cover!

    WOW, I cant believe all the work you have done today! I just dont know what else to say but WOW!


    Everyday Inspirations


    Pat, I love it so far! You can really work miracles! The info you found is great! When will it be done? I love it so much, I myself, cannot wait until Sunday-Monday so I may have access to it. Thanks much!


    New Jersey Chinchillas



    I looked at the draft home page at www.greatbendweb.com.  It looks great, and you clearly have put in a lot of work. Thanks.

    The left column (dark green) is perfect.  As for the text, I like the tone of it, namely, inviting the reader to contact me, explaining the value of a consultation, and offering different methods. However, I think I may need to edit the language a bit in order to ensure that I am complying with the ethical rules governing attorney advertising and to avoid making any representations or creating any duties on my part that I may regret later.

    Levitus Law



    Perfect awesome job. What is the next now


    Pro Mascot


    Hi Joe & Pat,

    Its looking better all the time, so Joe you have out done your self with picking Pat, so now the question is when are you both coming to help take care of all these people. We wish you both the best.

    Gail & Veronica

    GV Tours

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