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SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Website Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Visit Google to Understand the Term: "SEO"

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Search engine optimization and website optimization is much more than throwing up a list of keywords in your meta tags or bulk submissions to search engines.

It involves researching your industry and locating the current top ten competing sites. Then analyzing those sites for a number of items:

  • Keyword density in the title of their page(s).
  • Keyword placement (order) in their meta tags.
  • The frequency of searches done on major search engines daily for the major terms used in your industry.
  • Keyword density on the face of their document compared to the keywords in their meta tags.

It further involves:

  • Creating your meta tags, text and text location on your pages for top placement - getting you ahead of the competition.
  • Hand submit your site to search engines.

A few examples of sites we have optimized:

You are invited to do a Google or Yahoo search for any of the search terms listed: (Similar results in Lycos, AOL, MSN)


  • Chile Vacation Guide
  • tour Puerto Montt
  • tours in Puerto Montt

Duck Key Realty:

  • Vacation Duck Key
  • Duck Key Vacation
  • Duck Key Rentals
  • Duck Key Listings
  • Duck Key Property
  • Duck Key

United Processing Inc.:

  • Process server Chicago
  • Process server Illinois
  • Process server National

Novelty Phones:

  • Novelty Phones
  • Disney Phones
  • Cartoon Phones
  • Antique Replica Phones
  • Phones

Toppino Real Estate:

  • vacation properties for rent in Key West
  • Key West, Florida property rentals
  • Florida property rentals


  • professional mascot
  • mascot design
  • mascot entertainment
  • mascot fabrication

There are so many things that contribute to a successful web site, especially if the site provides products and/or services on the web. A well designed, easy to navigate website is very important; but if the site is not recognized and ranked high by the search engines, all of the work has been in vain. Over 80% of visitors are utilizing the major search engines and directories to find sites on the Internet.

With such an overwhelming number of people using the search engines as tools, it is essential for your business that all potential customers can find your web site.

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